Online reputation has become one of the key factors in determining if a potential customer will consider doing business with your company and 73% of online searchers say that they are influenced by reviews and either will or won’t frequent a business based on those reviews. Auto dealer reputation management is about developing a good relationship with your customers and then asking them to tell others.
Unfortunately your business reputation can be targeted by unfair reviews left by cranky customers and disgruntled ex-employees who are interested in inflicting damage for their own reasons, often having nothing to do with the intent of the review system. And once they are posted, it can be near impossible to get these reviews removed, leaving you with 3 options.

  • Get in touch with the person and ask them to remove it – not likely without you giving in to whatever demands they have decided they want in return.
  • Get in touch with the review site and ask them to remove it. Good luck with that.
  • Get so many good reviews that the bad ones look like a blip on the map that most people will ignore

The 3rd option is clearly your best option but how do you go about making it easy to request reviews and easy for your customers to leave them? And how do you try to funnel bad reviews away from the review sites so you have a chance to act on them before they would get posted?
These were the problems that we saw for our clients and one we felt was absolutely necessary to conquer as the review sites grew and all that social networking power threatened to negatively impact their business often through no fault of their own.

We needed a drop dead simple way that didn’t require our clients to do anything for the system to work for them and it needed to be so simple that their customers wouldn’t get confused and abandon the process.

But once we started developing, we came to the conclusion that not only could the system be very user friendly, but we could really develop the back-end (the part nobody sees but you and our representatives) to help you grow your business in other ways.

The end result is what we call Local Blitz and here are just a few things that this hands free program will do for you:

  • Direct your customers to any website where you want to increase positive feedback ratings.
  • Re-direct your customer to a feedback form if they have negative things to say.
  • Create a growing email list for your company so you can advertise to your customers any time you want.
  • Deliver an automated email message (a personal thank you or a coupon for example) when your customer completes the process.
  • Develop easy 2-3 question surveys to get additional feedback
  • Create an opportunity for your customer to give you social signals via likes, etc

How does it work? We develop a special website just for your business. We handle all the details and make sure it is customized to do everything you want. Then we send you business cards that you hand to your customers. That’s it! Your entire participation is handing your customers a card. They then go to the site on their pc, tablet, or phone, and click through the screens to leave feedback.

It’s dead simple to use and all the details are handled on our end to make it one seamless process for you and your customers. The net result is you get great reviews and your email list grows hands free so you can advertise to your customer base any time you like at no additional cost.

Your investment is only $499 per year and that is turn key with everything set up, hosting for the website, your customer cards, everything you need to make your company a review gathering beast and outrank your competition in your market. Or, when you take advantage of our seo ranking products, you can get one year of Local Blitz for only $149.

Call us today and let’s outflank and outrank your competition!