When was the last time your local radio station, tv station, newspaper, or billboard salesperson said “it’s all about the results”? Answer: Never. There’s no way on this planet that they will ever be accountable for results because they know that you would stop buying their ads if they were. The closest they will ever get is, “you have to keep your message out there because nobody really sees an ad until they see it for the 7th time”. So they keep showing up at your door and you keep throwing money at it hoping something sticks and makes you money.

Listen. Success is rooted in results, not promises.

Here’s a client in a mid-size metro of a million+ people. We work with them on seo and some direct mail. When we started their seo work, they had a couple of money phrases on Google’s second page and nothing else ranked. Below are the current positions on Google after about 3-4 months of working on getting them ranked properly for the top money making search phrases in their market. Money makers are top 3 positions for a search phrase that people use when they want to buy something. No other search phrases or positions matter because they don’t make you money.


(I blocked out the search phrases and the company url simply because they have a lot of competition and we don’t want to expose our results to other companies that will take shots at de-listing their company website. Happens every day in this business.)

This company had 2 top ten positions (5 and 7) for two different money phrases when we started. Today they have 30 of the 32 terms we are targeting, in the top 3 of Google search results. That’s Money. And, the beauty of doing this our way, they have about 150 money terms in the top 10 so as we continue to work with them, we push these terms to the top so they rank for a wide variety of buying phrases.


Here’s another current client. Slightly smaller market area but several competitors have also hired companies to do seo work so the competition level is decent.


So you can see that they currently have 11 of 16 money phrases in the top 3 spots. They are about 30-60 days away from owning this market on Google search.

I’m writing this post on July 5th 2016 and I am showing you today’s positions for 2 current clients. Why is this important? Because this business changes almost daily as companies like Google ramp up their efforts to stop people from getting better positions. Why would they do that? Because they know that if they frustrate a good number of business owners into thinking it won’t happen for their business, that business owner will probably buy ads on Google. And for Google, that’s where the money is.

So don’t fall prey to those companies who will show you results they achieved even a year ago. The game changes quickly and those results don’t matter today.

We know you get a lot of calls from people hawking this kind of service. Half of them aren’t in the U.S., and they robo-call 1000’s of small businesses every day. The other half are in the U.S. and they read a report about how they can sell you seo work and then outsource it real cheap over at places like Fiverr.com. So they have no skills to actually do the work and the people they hire at Fiverr.com are, you guessed it, not in the U.S. And they will make you a bunch of promises for real cheap money. And they don’t care if they get you the desired results because tomorrow they will get up and robo-call another 1,000 businesses.

Success is rooted in results. Not promises.

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