There’s more business at the top of the search engines then you could ever imagine and to get your share, you should have a good search engine optimization for auto dealerships plan.27%

Here are the only facts you need to know:

  1. Google gets 65-70% of all US search traffic.
  2. The number one spot on Google organic for any search term gets around 27% of the clicks.
  3. The numbers 1-3 on Google organic get around 64% of the clicks.
  4. The number one spot on Google paid search (adwords) typically gets 2-5% of the clicks.

If it’s not clear to you by those numbers that you should be targeting the top of Google organic search if you really want to grow your business by leaps and bounds, then you should click away from this page because search engine optimization is not for doubters.

It’s a good slog up that hill to the top and you aren’t the only one that wants it. So you have to make the commitment to time and resources with the right company to get you the huge payoff that awaits. You have to be patient until it kicks in. For the companies that persevere, there’s a big pot of gold waiting for them when they arrive.

If your business could get 27% of the customers in your market, looking for your service, to call your business, can you even begin to imagine how your business and your life could change? It’s hard to wrap your head around it but we’ve helped other businesses just like yours make this a reality.




So How Do You Get There?

There’s nothing mysterious about ranking at the top of Google. It takes money, time, and knowledge of the process to get you there.


How much time?

A recent article by moz says the entire process takes about 6-12 months. However, for a website that isn’t new, we like to see many of your most important phrases on the front page at around the 90 day mark. Some get there sooner. Some much sooner. Then it’s a matter of moving them to the top where all the customers are waiting for you.


How much money will you invest?SEOImage2

We like to keep it simple so we offer two plans.


For the first plan, we charge a small fee for all the upfront work that needs to happen and then we charge for terms as they hit the front page.


For the second plan, we charge a flat monthly fee based on your industry, competition levels, and population size of your area.


How much knowledge do you need?

Only enough to hire us 😉


We would love to get started today. Since we can only work with one company in a market, please don’t delay. If you’ve been thinking about reducing your marketing budget, getting to the top of the search engines will do that for you every time. Call us now.